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Cast it on Him - Meditation Monday - 1 Peter 5:7

"Casting all your anxieties on him because he cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7

Think of all the ways your friends, parents, spouses, and even children have offered you care when you have been stressed or worried about something. We know the grounding effect it can have on us to receive encouragement and concern from our closest relationships. This care from loved ones in the face of anxiety is only a shadow of the care we receive from God himself. God’s care is the most holistic, present, healing care available. This word “cares” includes the idea of paying special attention or giving thought to something. 

Think about that.

The God of the universe, who sculpted the mountains and feeds the sparrows gives special attention to you. He cares about the things that worry you, startle you, motivate you, and hurt you. He cares about the questions you ask as you try to fall asleep at night: Am I parenting my kids in a way that they will turn out ok? Are we ever going to be able to get ahead when it comes to money? Is that friend frustrated with me or will we be able to move forward in our relationship? Yes, he cares about those things. He is also concerned about wars in the world, political leaders, and much broader issues than your present anxiety. He can hold both, all, with equal care and attention. He is that big.

You might imagine as he listens to your individual need that he would respond: “Not now. I’m dealing with much more devastating things presently.” But the all-powerful all-seeing God has no need to prioritize. There is no overload for him. There is no need for a triage system for the one who has endless resources and boundless attention. He can hear, hold, and respond to every anxiety at any moment. 

What does that mean for us?

It means that when we get stuck in our cycle, playing ping pong in our brains with our fear and worry, we can put the paddle down, and toss those balls up to God for him to hold. It means we can stop our obsessive thoughts and hand God the problems we can’t solve. He wants, he invites us to throw all of our anxiety onto him - over and over if necessary. He’s actually listening; he waits to hear from us. It’s as if he says to us in this verse, “that big worry that you’ve been continually gripping, white knuckled, you can give that one to me. Throw it over here. Don’t worry, I can handle it.”

God’s care is a comprehensive, welcoming, powerful care. Believe him when he says it is directed at you. Respond to 1 Peter 5:7 today by tossing your anxieties into the hands of a father ready and able to catch them.

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This is our first guest contribution for our Meditation Mondays and I'd like to take a second to introduce you to the wonderful ladies that run At His Feet Studies
Christine Gordon and Hope Blanton are co-founders of At His Feet studies: Approachable BIble studies written for women in every season. They have 9 published books that go verse-by-verse through books in the Bible.

Christine Gordon, MAT, is wife to Michael and mother of three. She is a visiting instructor at Covenant Theological Seminary. She loves to walk, make music with other people, and share bad puns with her family.

Hope Blanton, LCSW, is wife to Ray and mother of three. She earned her master's in clinical social work from Temple University . Currently she works as a therapist in San Antonio. She loves good food, making people laugh, and being outside.

You can check out their studies here, or give them a follow on their Instagram account, I know you'll be blessed by the words they share.

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