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About us

Hi friends!

We're Becky + Tori! We are two sisters (in-laws) behind this little shop! We started this shop in April of 2018 and it's been so exciting seeing how far we've come! Our name gets its meaning from our daughters, Piper (Pip) & Jael (J).

Tori handles all of the interactions online (Instagram, Facebook, and most customer relations),  new product development, and most order fulfillment. She's a stay at home mama to two sweet girls, Piper + Haddie, and a son, Jude.

Becky does ALL of the artwork. (Read: hand-lettering, ink art, watercolor art, graphic design). You name it, she does it. She also does new product development & some order fulfillment. She's a wife and mama to two kids (Hezekiah + Jael) AND she currently works at their christian school as their art teacher! 

As you can see, we're both wives and mamas first, and love to do this little side hustle in our free time. Thanks for being here & supporting our small shop!


-Becky + Tori