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Family Foundations Devotional Card Set


Our Family Foundations Devotional Card Set is a meticulously crafted resource designed with the purpose of defining and nurturing godly character. These cards can be used in family worship settings or personal devotionals and offer a structured, engaging approach to studying and living out godly values in the lives of all His children.

Each double sided card features:

  •   Key Bible verse - A specific scripture passage that highlights the character trait and is designed to display while you work through the card.
  •   Foundation Focus - An easy-to-understand-and-memorize principle that encapsulates the trait.
  •   Bible Passage + Follow up Questions - A bible study or lesson that exemplifies the foundational trait alongside guided questions.
  •   Reflection Questions - Personal application questions with accompanying scripture for additional discussion.
  •   Song - Hymns and familiar songs to learn and sing together.
  •   A prayer - A short, guided prayer focused on the topic to start your prayer time.
  •   Additional Verses - Even more examples from Scripture for digging deeper with your family.

This card set was developed with the help of our friend, Joanna Kimbrel (MATS, Westminster Theological Seminary). Joanna is a Bible teacher, a writer, and the coordinator of women’s initiatives for The Gospel Coalition. She is coauthor of Behold and Believe: A Bible Study on the “I Am” Statements of Jesus and author of The Greatest Hero: The Book of Romans. Joanna and her husband, Chad, have three daughters and are members of Sojourn Community Church in Woodstock, Georgia.

Cards are 5x7 inches and double sided. Printed on 130 lb card stock. 22 cards in a set: 21 cards from character traits found in scripture, as well as an introductory card. Comes packaged in a muslin drawstring bag to keep stored safely. All our our products are shipped in a rigid paperboard mailer to prevent any type of bending!

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