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Resurrection Cards


Our Resurrection Cards are a great discipleship tool to prepare our hearts for celebrating Resurrection Sunday or anytime throughout the year to study through the completion of Jesus' earthly ministry, focusing on his death, burial, and resurrection.

We chose neutral colors with hand-drawn illustrations so they can be displayed anywhere in your home. Each card has key verses and additional references, including prophecies fulfilled, scriptures to meditate on, and prayer prompts. We also included a hymn to learn and sing together, perhaps after each night's reading to focus our attention on what is of utmost importance during the Easter holiday.

Our hope is that these cards will become a highlight in your family's Easter traditions for years to come, that they will be an aid as we remind ourselves of the wonderful saving work Jesus Christ has done, is doing, and continues to do, as we look to Him-the Author and Perfecter of our faith.


Cards are 5x7 inches, double sided, with rounded edges. Printed on 130 lb card stock. 13 cards in a set: 12 days of readings as well as an introductory card with a hymn on the back. Comes packaged in a muslin drawstring bag to keep stored safely. All our our products are shipped in a rigid paperboard mailer to prevent any type of bending!


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